LOUIS TOMLINSON's OF 1D naked fake

louis tomlinson naked fake... like a PORNSTAR SO HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!


  1. dude u totally lost the point in the fakes here, u are getting skulls and skeletons to make your fakes these last one from justin bieber was terrible, sorry but i wont be lying to u, find better botties like the bel ami and college dudes actors, they got really good bodys to make fakes, find out some broke straight boys bodyes, they are good too, but these skeletons are makingm e sick, if i was u i would rip off that justin bieber post because it is awfull, i telling that because i saw the ones u did before and i knoe u can do better, even if u take more time to do it, its better do something good spending a lot of time than something like those jb post thank u for the atention

    1. :( :( :( ok :'( ... Ahaha ok i'll try to do better... I CAN DO IT!!! HhHahahaha ... Wich belAmI models do you prefer? I like kevin wArhol and jack harrer... SO CUTE! Ehi... From Now u Are my favourite fan! You correct me And I like it because I can correct my mistakes... Can I know your nAme? :)

  2. i think u was suppose to hate me after this comment :) but thank u for not hating me , well i like the muscle ones mick lovell and dolph lambert are good ones they had strong young bodyes, well sure u can now my name, my name is mateus i'm a brazilian gay fan of your job and thank u for like my coments, i just say it because i like to say what the people can do because i know that everybody haz a little star ready to shine like a supernova before the success turn into a dark hole, anyway i like the old jobs and the old format of the site, this one are to complicated for me, but i hope u get back from the old models like the first post off louis beying fucked, that one was classic!!! =D