... :)

I'm sorry but at this time I'M VERY VERY BUSY!
i don't know when i'll make other fakes but don't worry because maybe for the next week i'll post something... i hope...
however... i've seen all the comments and naturally the requests and i've written them on a piece of paper...
ah, .
THANK YOU A LOT! the visits are on the increase! WHEN WE WILL HAVE 100.000 VISITS I'LL MAKE A NEW BLOG (i will improve this :) ) ...


oh my god... :) :QQQQQQQQQQQQ

louis tomlinson naked fake

he's the best the cuttiest... I LOVE HIM!!! this is one of my best fake if it isn't the best!!!

Tyler posey naked fake (request)

someone ask me his fake with taylor lutner but i'm sorry because i can find a good pic to make this fake so i made thi one... hope you like :)


nathan kress naked fake

I've seen all the new comments.
FOR 'matt' : 'don't worry I don't hate you, you are one of my best visitors and so i CAN'T hate you :P. I understood that it was a bad day don't worry :) I'M LIKE YOU TOO WHEN THERE ARE BAD DAYS :D'

however, i'll make the fake you want.

now I've make this, it's not my best and I see it isn't so good but hope you like ;)


niall horan naked fake (request)

hey hey hey!!!
I've read the comment and so I'll make a fake of nathan :P

I ask you if you can don't criticize me because I KNOW how to make a feke and if you don't know it don't say anything about it.
however i hope you like this fake:


Josh Hutcherson naked fake

I don't know him so I don't know if it's really him in the photo: Josh Hutcherson

one direction, all together, naked

I finally found that pic! and so now I hope you like this fake of one direction.


zayn liam and louis tomlinson naked fake

I came back from my holiday and I've read the comments.
u are simply the best...
I've been in egypt, on the red sea: it was wonderful.

there was three big swimming pools but anyone of them was like this,
...and there weren't them: