First of all: I'M SO FUCKIN' SORRY... I haven't been posting anything for TOO MUCH TIME... (for about one year ) :(
please forgive me, but It was all because of the school: I gotta study SO HARD :(
however, I made 3 good fake of justin (MY LOVE *w* ) AND I'm gonna post them all when I'll complete them... now TAKE IT <3 this is the first one <3 hope you like ... it's my christmas present for you all, guys <3
THANK U SO MUCH for all the visits and comments <3  I really thank u <3


Louis Tomlinson 1D naked fake

ooooooooooooooh I've haven't been posting anythig for... A LOT OF TIME xD
sorry but i'm busy... don't worry, because I see your requests every day ;)
so... i made this...
hope you like ;)


niall horan naked fake

oooooooooooooook sorry... i'm late :( ...
i saw the comments and everithing you say... SO..
decided to make this fake... that someone requires... <3
oh, i'm sorry if i don't make all the fakes you require but you often require some pics of unknown people or not so famous and i'ts difficult to find a nice pic :/ sorry...
hope you like niall ;)


justin bieber naked fake

oooooooooh I'm sorry! I haven't been posting anything since 23th of december!!! D: sorry!
first of all i must say: HAPPY 2013! ... i hope you passed a nice holiday...
i've seen the comments... A LOT OF COMMENTS xD there are a lot of requests... but for the most of people i'ts better to see a JUSTIN'S FAKE... and so i decided to make this one:
HOPE YOU LIKE <3 <3 <3